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Our products are the building blocks for an open financial eco-system that puts the power and control back in the hands of the consumer. Our product suite empowers users and merchants to gain deep insights into their financial behaviour and make better financial decisions.

Direct Bank Connection

Instant access to accurate financial data

This is the process of retrieving bank account information and transactional data directly from the customers banking profile using our intuitive API connection. The data is retrieved directly from the source effectively preventing the customer from manipulating the data. This data can then be overlayed with analytics to extract valuable information seamlessly and be presented to you in a raw format.

Retrieve Bank Statements

With access to up to 12 months of transactional data, you have unprecedented insight into your customers financial behavior.

Verify Personal and Bank Account Details

Easily verify your customer's personal details, their address and bank account information using vetted and verified data from their banking profile.

Monitor Accounts for Fraudulent Transactions

With the necessary consent you are able to perform periodic data refreshes to monitor transactional data on an ongoing basis. These insights easily translate into foresight and assists in identifying fraud or suspicious activity.

Bank Statement Processing

Easily verify and process digital bank statements

Bank Statement Parsing is the process of accepting a bank original PDF statement, then using our software to ensure that the document hasn’t been tampered with and extracting relevant data, bank account information and transactional data.

Convert Bank Statements to Raw Data

Transform PDF Bank Statements into a workable format making it easy to import and analyse.

Stop Fraud in it's tracks

Our intuitive software easily identifies if a PDF Bank Statement has been altered or tampered with.

Apply real-time Analytics

When we overlay data with analytics we are able to avoid the “noise” associated with most data. Let us do the work for you - our real-time analytics automatically extract the data that is relevant to you from the bank statement.

Connect Journey

Digital Onboarding

Our fully customisable Digital Onboarding solution is a solution knitted together by simplicity, allowing you to onboard new clients with ease. This solution is easily deployed across various channels. Our digital solution can help you usher a lead into a sale with just a few easy steps.

Know your Customers (KYC & FICA)

Conduct regulatory due diligence and get a better understanding of who you are dealing with as part of a seamless onboarding process.

Complete Affordability Assessments in Real-Time

We are able to offer a seamless way of validating customer affordability at the time of application, being guided by authenticated transactional data.

Automate your Decisioning

Using Automated Decisioning will allow you to consistently and accurately make decisions on prospective clients early in, and throughout the vetting process resulting in less wastage of resources.


Accurate, contextual financial information is the catalyst for innovative companies to reinvent our financial eco-system, disrupt archaic business processes, and to build the next generation of financial services.

Personal Finance

By using accurate financial data you will be able to onboard customers more efficiently, boost conversions and prevent fraud. This results in you being able to make smarter, quicker decisions on lending.

Business Finance

Income data only tells one half of the story, spending completes the picture. With bank statements from a reliable, third-party authority, lenders have the resources they need to verify the veracity or better yet, determine the financial health of a business. With accurate financial data concluding affordability assessments based on income and expenses becomes easy, standardised and predictable.

Budgeting & Financial Wellness

Consolidating finances into a single location, gives unmatched insights, and assists in identifying risky financial behaviour. With spends categorised, perspective is given into how you spend your cash, this allows you to budget more effectively.

Accounting & Tax Advice

Accountants and Tax Consultants can provide their customers with an efficient process to share their transactional data. No laborious manual capturing of entries as our intuitive API’s will either retrieve bank data from the source or convert PDF documents into raw data.

Monitoring & Fraud Prevention

Daily or periodic data refreshes of bank accounts enable you to monitor transactions, reconcile payments or detect fraudulent transactions and debit orders.

We change the way you think, and feel, about money

Privacy & Security

Our approach to security and privacy is simple. Only take what you need. And leave nothing behind. What that means for you is that we don't story any personal or financial information unless we absolutely have to. And you have full control over the data that we retrieve, process and share.

We keep the vault

Your financial information is stored safely in an encrypted vault. And only you hold the key. Nobody can access your financial data without your personal key.

Not even our most trusted staff.

You hold the key

For your own safety we generate a truly random key with sufficient entropy to stop hackers dead in their tracks. And we destroy all records of it as soon as you have it in your possession. With only one copy of this key, you can rest assured that your data is kept absolutely confidential. Until you choose to share it.

Only take what you need

Privacy by Design

You hold the key to your financial data and you have full control over it. You get to choose when and who you share your financial data with. And what data you'd like to share. Even with your key present, there’s some information we will never share. Your passwords and login credentials are strictly off-limits. To anyone. Even our most trusted employees.

Leave nothing behind

Your data is safe with us

By default our services are configured not to store any personal or financial information at all. We retrieve your data, process it and then delete all traces of it. Where we do need to store data (for regulatory or legal purposes etc.), we only store the information we absolutely need. Nothing more. And we only decipher it when we need to.

We’re obsessed with security

Security by Design

We work hard every day to keep your financial data safe and secure. We employ military grade systems and adhere to leading industry best practices to ensure that you can rest easy at night knowing that your financial data is safe with us.

Multi-layered software and hardware encryption. Unbreakable 256 Bit cyphers. Blind indices. And truly random individual keys. This is not just tech talk. This is our commitment to you to keep your data safe.

We can't touch this

Read-only access

We have read-only access to your financial data. And nothing more. We cannot request or complete payments, make changes to your beneficiaries or alter your profile. In any way. Not even, if we wanted to. After all, your bank’s security mechanisms (like OTPs and multi-factor authentication) are still in full force.

You have our commitment that tryfetch will never attempt to use your login details for any other purpose than to retrieve your financial information.

Made by Humans. For Humans.

Developers first

We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And it reflects in our work. We take complex problems and solve them with simple elegant code.

query {
  fetchTransactions( ... ){ 
    id title account_id currency amount service_fee transaction_date running_balance
    category { 
      id title 
  fetchAccounts( ... ) { 
    id title account_number
    transactions {
      id title amount transaction_date
    statements {
      statement_date url mime_type 
    bank {
      id title alias branch_code
<script src="https://js.connect.tryfetch.me"></script>
  tryfetchConnect('init', {
    css: 'body{ background: #ffffff; }',    
    events: {   
       onBankConnectSuccess: function(sessionId){ 
         alert('Well done.') 

Since our first engagement with the tryFetch API’s, we have implemented and never had a problem since. Clean, simple and very easy for developers.

Lance Daniels

Team Lead: Software Development

tryfetch's APIs are robust and developer-friendly. We started seeing benefits right away.

David Gouvias

Senior Data Scientist

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